This is a unique and unprecedented time. Things have changed. Everyone is asked to work from home, fairs and events have been postponed, most personal appointments have been canceled, etc. Anyway, these are the times to be creative and innovative. because now that we know this, we can adapt to this new situation. Our number 1 priority today is to help where we can and provide the service you are used from us.


We would like to inform you that we will start training again from April 6!

 In a different way than you are used to from us, but one thing is certain; safety and health of the delegates and employees are paramount. In everything we follow the guidelines of the RIVM and we also have the approval of various authorities to provide our training in this way. The theory will take place digitally and the practical part of the training 1 by 1 or in very small groups in our training center.


Unfortunately, due to social distancing, it is not possible to provide all training courses. So do not hesitate to contact us about the options we have.

Marlous and Niels are happy to help you with personal advice. In a personal appointment we will explain which training courses we can offer and how we ensure that the absolute safety of your employees is guaranteed!


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